European countries is an enormous place, so are there a lot of different names which have been preferred over history.

European countries is an enormous place, so are there a lot of different names which have been preferred over history.

Some European baby brands date back many thousands of years, as well as others are far more recent.

Frequently, the most frequent labels were names like Robert, Alice, William and Elizabeth. While in the traditional years, Italian and French names turned much more popular. Spanish labels in addition became fashionable. We have gathered a listing of 100 European kids brands from different time periods, segments and fashions.

50 European Child Labels for Girls

1. Sophia

Sophia is a popular label for decades, and possesses grown in appeal lately. Through the years, it’s been the name of movies stars and European intellectuals. Referring from a root term which means wisdom, that makes it an outstanding name for a baby female.

2. Peyton

This European child term can be utilized for guys or girls. It means a fighting man’s home.

3. Eleanor

Elanor first shot to popularity after Queen Elanor of Aquitaine delivered title over from France to The united kingdomt. It’s grown and fallen in appeal across the centuries.

4. Sarah

Sarah remains a normal, common identity. This label suggests princess as well as initial appeared in the Bible.

5. Chiara

Chiara is really an adorable Italian title. This pretty name means light, that makes it a great term for all the light in your life.

6. Audrey

Audrey are a European identity which means noble energy. It stays common considering the Breakfast at Tiffany’s superstar, Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn was born in The united kingdomt, along with her thinner figure had been a remnant of expanding up during World War II.

7. Madelyn

Madelyn is actually a name that comes from France. The first French form of the name ended up being spelled as Madeleine.

8. Violet

Violet is among the most popular floral names, plus it was also as soon as prominent in England.

9. Hannah

Hannah try a name that has been as soon as popular among the aristocracy. It indicates elegance and looks similar spelled backwards since it really does spelled usually.

10. Lilou

If you’re sick and tired of Louise, Lee and Lily, next Lilou is a very modern undertake these brands.

11. Mia

Mia is inspired by Germany in which it indicates mine. We think this will be an adorable label for a child woman.

12. Maja

Maja appears like it is through the Middle East, however it actually arises from Sweden. This Swedish term indicates pearl, so its definition is just as pretty since it is.

13. Annabelle

Annabelle may have been a lot more popular in the past millennium than now, but we nevertheless think this old-fashioned name’s really worth looking at. It has a melodious, lovely quality which makes it ideal for an infant woman.

14. Gabriella

This past year, there had been above 5,000 ladies who were given this name in European countries. This popular label could be conveniently reduced into nicknames like Gabby or Ella.

15. Esmeralda

Esmeralda indicates Emerald in Spanish. It had been promoted due to the fact name of pretty gypsy in Disney’s the Hunchback of Notre Dame. You’ll be able to shorten this adorable name to Esme.

16. Diane

This label was prominent among English royalty. At first a name of a mythical goddess from the hunt therefore the moonlight, it absolutely was also title for the joined Kingdom’s Princess Diana.

17. London

If you need a reputation with a lot more apparent European associations, next this is a good a person to pick. It could work with both a boy or a female.

18. Alice

Alice are a European label that was promoted by the Alice in Wonderland guide.

19. Kennedy

Kennedy can be used for boys or women, and it also used to be the surname of an United States chairman.

20. Ava

Ava is originally a Latin name that designed existence. It was essentially the Latin as a type of title, Eve.

21. Ingrid

Ingrid is a Danish name that implies Ing’s beauty. Long since, Ing ended up being the jesus of the earth’s virility.

22. Isla

Isla implies area in Spanish, but it’s additionally title of a lake in Scotland.

23. Abigail

That is a pleasant European term. Abigail got the partner of David. She ended up being recognized for the woman beauty, knowledge and prophetic know-how. The name in fact implies my dad is actually happy.

24. Mareike

Mareike was a reputation that means sour. It is a German variety regarding name Mary.

25. Anna

Anna is actually a version in the term Ann or Anne. Several brands were used by European royal family members along with commoners in Europe.

26. Olivia

Olivia is an elegant identity which means olive tree. It had been furthermore title of a Shakespearean figure.

27. Lola

Lola is really a French name. In French, this name implies sadness.

28. Stella

Stella is a lovely identity that’s been useful for age in European countries.

29. Logan

Logan have at first already been a guys title, but it’s additionally utilized by women in more modern times. This label indicates empty.

30. Penelope

This label means weaver and may end up being reduced to nicknames like Poppy, Penny or Nell. It had been famously the name of the spouse of Odysseus in Homer’s legendary poems.

31. Alzbeta

This term comes from the Czech words in which it’s a variation regarding English term, Elizabeth.

32. Calmness

Serenity try a word this means comfort, which makes it a suitable label for a baby woman.

33. Isabella

Isabella are an attractive term which was as soon as the name of the king of Spain which delivered Christopher Columbus into Americas. You could shorten this to nicknames like Bella.

34. Maya

Maya is a lovely Spanish term definitely sweet and delicate.

35. Michalina

This can be a Polish title that implies nobody even compares to the father.

36. Lillian

Lillian try a variety throughout the term Elizabeth, however it is good alternative to the favorite identity, Lily.

37. Katherine

Katherine is actually a European title that’s been used by many European royal family members. You may also shorten this to nicknames like Kate or Kitty.

38. Illona

Illona comes from Greece and implies burn of light.

39. Elegance

Grace represents a virtue and is also in fact a well known title in north Ireland. i

40. Autumn

This kid name is popular in Europe, therefore phone calls to mind the vibrant colour and clean air regarding the trip period.

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