The fact that Shraddha has created a healthy working environment for the severely specially-abled is an enormous achievement. It has shown that even the most severely autistic can be gainfully employed. More than that, it has promoted a culture of accepting their challenges, and supporting them in their life journey. Each member can tell a story of transformation. Apart from the direct impact on beneficiaries and the environment listed below, Shraddha has inspired the lives of volunteers and staff, most of whom have been with Shraddha for over 10 years. 




Livelihood and increased income earning potential:

Shraddha’s young adults are now income earning members of their families. Over the years, accelerated increase in sales of products and diversity of the product portfolio has resulted in a ten-fold improvement in their monthly wages.




Occupational Therapy:

The occupational therapy received by beneficiaries, along with the production process of handicrafts (details in report below), develops their motor and sensory perception skills, hand-eye coordination, attention and calmness. The intensive therapeutic and rehabilitation routine enhances special skills, concentration, retention and social interaction… which are the biggest challenges faced by these individuals.

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