Shraddha Charitable Trust, a registered non-profit vocational workshop founded in 1998, empowers and rehabilitates young adults with developmental delay and enables them to earn a living. By handcrafting and selling tastefully designed and internationally appreciated eco-friendly products, Shraddha provides a means of livelihood and support for those that are often assumed to lead a dependent life.


Shraddha adopts a pioneering and creative approach where these special young adults with (autism and developmental delay) are encouraged and assisted to take small steps towards self-sufficiency. After graduating from the SPJ Sadhana school, our young adults are trained to master simple skills such as sticking, folding, plastering, beading, molding, etc. With continuous practice they gradually adjust to the training and become eager workers in groups.

With the one-on-one help of special educators and caring volunteers, their latent and rudimentary skills are explored to develop a wide range of artistic and environment friendly lifestyle items. The product development process is broken  

down into tasks that they can manage. The nature of these activities coupled with intensive therapeutic and rehabilitation routine enhances special skills, concentration, retention and social interaction… which are the biggest challenges faced by these young individuals. These simple daily activities provide routine, increase confidence and allow the trainees to experience a sense of accomplishment that goes a long way in encouraging them to live their lives with dignity. This in turn brightens up the lives of all those connected with them. The proceeds from the sale of these products go to them in the form of a monthly Stipend.

Besides having a strong presence in Mumbai over the years, Shraddha has attracted an eclectic mix of national and international patronage and supplied products to clients not only all over India but in America, Europe and Asia as well.

Shraddha’s products are the proof of the ability, will power and perseverance of these special individuals.