Our History


It all began with our Visionary Founder Trustee, Dr. Radhika Khanna’s idea of starting Shraddha Charitable Trust, a pioneering non-profit vocational workshop to help autistic adults earn a living by channeling their skills into crafting decorative and utility items. In 1997, Yasmukh and Heena Shah, parents of an autistic adult Ankit, offered their garage in Mumbai to a small group of special adults to start Shraddha.

– Experimentation With Products

In the early days, Shraddha experimented with producing simple grocery bags and garbage bags made from newspapers. Now our product range includes: Recycled Paper Bags. Gift Bags. Silk Purses. Canvas and Jute Totes. Incense Holder. Lantern Bags. Handcrafted cards for all occasions. Leaf plates. Leaf Boxes. Decorative Boxes. Rangolis. Floating Tealight Holder. Paper Bead Jewellery and many more

– We Grew In Many Ways

Since then, Shraddha has grown to impact the lives of more than 55 autistic and developmentally delayed adults, giving them a chance at employment, a taste of independence, and a sense of belonging. The number of teachers, volunteers, support staff and care workers has grown steadily too. Currently we operate out of the 4th floor of Janta Nagar BMC Municipal School at Tardeo, Mumbai

– Beauty And Sustainability

Over the years, the product line has refined, developed and expanded to include a wide range of exquisitely designed and internationally appreciated eco- friendly products. ‘Soul Serve’, is Shraddha’s unique line of leak-proof, eco-friendly disposable Leaf ware of plates and Bowls.  and is painstakingly crafted onsite using special machine presses.

– Expanding Horizons

Shraddha undertakes customized orders for corporate gifts, weddings & special occasions.