Overall Impact

Shraddha has created a healthy working environment for the severely specially-abled. It has shown that even the most severely autistic can be gainfully employed. More than that, it has promoted a culture of accepting their challenges, and supporting them in their life journey. Each member can tell a story of transformation. Apart from the direct impact on beneficiaries and the environment, Shraddha has inspired the lives of volunteers and staff, most of whom have been with Shraddha for over 10 years.


Shraddha has played a pivotal role in molding our son Mayur Sadhwani from an Intellectually Disabled Child to an independent young man. Today he is 33 years old and practically independent on most fronts except a slight speech deficiency and slow learning capacity.

Mayur was born with an inherent fever of 102 degrees F and severe hepatitis. The hepatitis lasted for over a month and the fever continued for over three years the doctors termed it as Pyrexia of unknown origin. They were of the opinion that Mayur may never walk or talk. His overall growth and motor actions were slow. At the age of about four, he miraculously started walking. His fever also vanished without any medication. The Doctors at NYYU in America concluded that all this was due to imbalance of the hypothalamus. Back in India, we got him admitted into a couple of normal schools which integrated slow learners with normal children but he was unable to cope up with them.

Finally, we got him admitted to SPJ Sadhna, the special school at Sophia college campus. There started the tale of Mayur’s gradual progress on all fronts under the guidance of the angelic and never tiring Sister Gaitonde and special trained staff. Mayur’s positive transformation commenced under their able guidance. He soon integrated with the other student and honed special skills his motor and fine actions improved tremendously. He graduated from there.Read more

We thank Dr. Radhike who promoted a workshop for Special Young Adults at Shraddha Institute at Mahalaxmi. Mayur is employed there nine to four; he leads an extremely useful life and is a happy and contented young man. He looks forward every morning to go to Shraddha to commence his work, meet his friends and the ever caring teachers who have showered the students with love and the right knowledge. This wonderful institute provides learning and earning to the students. They are regularly taught new skills which enhance their learning and earning. Mayur is thrilled every time he receives his cheque. He feels self-confident and at par with all who contribute to the family and society. We thank everyone at Shraddha for providing a blend of earning, learning and fun to these special Young Adults. This wonderful institute is a blessing for special Young Adults. May God bless all those connected with this wonderful institute and the unique concept.

– Naresh and Jaya Sadhwani, parents of Mayur Sadhwani

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